Schind waste management systems


Our balers are used for compacting recyclable materials such as plastic scrap, metal scrap, and residual wastes. This makes the materials easier to transport due its smaller size. It also reduces the cost of transporting the materials as more of the material can be loaded on a single trip. It also prolongs the life span of the dumpsite as more waste could be dumped due to its compressed nature.

As can be seen in the pictures, our baler has two doors, one in front and one at the back. This allows for better inspection of the bale while being strapped. It can also be seen in our video below that the stroke of the cylinder is faster compared to other balers. So the baling time is faster. The cylinder of the baler has 2 guide posts to insure alignment while going up or down. Our design is not available in other balers, as our design has been perfected after many years of design iteration.

Our balers are the best balers on the market today. We offer competitive prices. We have been manufacturing equipment for the past 25 years, and that is what it takes to develop products to perfection.

We have 30 ton and 20 ton versions of our baler. Call us for price quotation.

Balers in solid waste management

A baler is most often seen in the farm industries as a hay baler. This is used to cut and compress raked crops into compact bales that are then easier to store, handle and transport.

There are many other types of baler depending on the desired material to be baled. Baler machined are mainly used to deal with waste plastic and cardboard but some are customized to bale other materials like carpets, cans and hard plastic. The baler machine compresses these waste materials together to a compact cube that is tied into a bale.

Baler machines come in all sizes and shapes. Every business produces varying amounts and types of waste material so it is important for these industries to acquire a baler that suits their business perfectly.

Baler machines are environmentally friendly and are often used in waste management. Turning waste plastic and cardboard into bales means that these wastes are not dumped onto loose bins and thrown into landfills. Instead, these bales are collected by a recycler. Recyclers give rebates for the baled material depending on the heaviness and the quality of the bales. This is something that is only achievable when you have a baler machine.

Scind CBM 20T – Compactor Baling machine