Schind IVC 1535 Rapid Composter

The biggest problem in composting is having a big space for a large compost pile. Municipalities and barangays often do not have a backyard for composting. Our in-vessel composter is a self contained rotating metal cylinder that can process a huge amount of compost in a small area. Airflow and Temperature can be controlled by adjusting the rotation rate of the enclosing cylinder. This is the same as a bio-reactor. Even without the use of enzymes this composting system is fast and natural. For rapid composting, the bio-waste has to be shredded as finely as possible using our CPS series multi-purpose shredders and pulverizers.

To use the composter, biodegradable materials are shredded and pulverized, water is drained, then fed to the in-vessel composter. In some cases where a pulverizer and dewatering machine is not available, the shredded biodegradable materials can be fed directly into the composter. It is then in the composter where the material is pulverized and excess water evaporated. This usually takes take a longer time.

The process of composting requires that the compost be turned from time to time to release heat and get new air. It is not advisable to continuously rotate the composter as the temperature will drop and the bio-reaction may slow down. This will also increase the maintenance cost of the machine as the parts will be worn down faster. Hence, a timer is installed in the system to rotate the cylinder and blow air from time to time. The timer on and off settings can be set by the user. The settings need to be studied and experimented on to maximize the speed of the composting reaction.

The diameter and length of the cylinder will depend on the size of your bio-waste. Call us so that we can design a system which is right for you.



Diameter:  1.5 m

Length  :  6.0 m

Power  :  ½ HP, 220V, single phase electric motor with speed reducer

Blower:  25 watts