Schind Pelletizing Machine

Our Schind Pelletizer can be used for pelletizing feeds and compost. The CPM 300 is a 3 horse power pelletizer which has a capacity of 60 to 100 kgs per hour. It is compact but powerful pelletizing machine.

Schind CPM 300 Compost Pellet Machine  Specifications
PowerDie DiameterDie holeCapacity
3 hp120 mm2.5 – 10 mm60 – 100 kg/hr

Before pelleting, the input material has to be pulverized thoroughly. This can be achieved with the use of our HMM 300 Hammer mill. Moisture of the incoming material has to be enough to achieve the desired pellet binding and consistency.

Schind HMM 300 Hammer Mill

Our compost pellet machine is a fertilizer granulating machine. It reduces the volume of your compost for ease of transporting. The pellet compost is also a slow release fertilizer that gradually releases nutrients all throughout the year.

This pellet machine functions by extrusion through a die mold. Hence it is versatile and multi-functional. You can also use it for vermiculture granulator, feeds granulator, poultry manure, and other organic pelletizing.

Schind CPM 300 Pellet Machine